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Make sports, news, movies, popular series, and so much more available to students anywhere on campus.

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Next-generation television solution for colleges & universities

Philo uses your university’s existing IP network to smoothly and securely stream high-quality television to student laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other connected devices across campus.

Everything students love about TV

Great content – sports, movies, popular series, news, reality shows, and more which students can access anywhere on campus. Philo is available on popular devices - so great television is just a click away. Plus, Philo includes the ability to record shows. Philo exceeds student expectations of their TV experience.

High-quality video, gentle on your network

Philo uses adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology to stream video across your campus network. This technology allows us to adapt the quality of the stream to fit the available bandwidth to each student.

Reduce inbound traffic

Hulu, Netflix, and other online video applications are eating up your inbound traffic! Philo lives inside the campus LAN, allowing delivery of high-quality, content-rich video straight to students, without gobbling up your external bandwidth.

Legal access to great content

Philo partners with content providers to offer a legal, encrypted, Internet TV solution. Bringing Philo to campus can help decrease the inflow of DMCA requests. With 24/7 live programming, the ability to record favorite shows, and great channel lineups, students don’t need to resort to illegal downloads to get the content they want.

I use it. I love it. I like it when I can record shows and watch them on my own schedule.”

- Amy, Harvard ’15

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